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Talisman & Coiner Productions is involved in writing and producing books, talks, blogs and movies about the Civil War and the impact it had on our Money.

Here is a sampling of our content in the featured publication, "Money, Mayhem & Might™"...with much more to come.

"How the Civil War Changed our Money and How Money Changed the War"

No other war or upheaval or calamity in US History caused such profound changes in our money and our banking system...As a matter of fact, the ten years between 1857 and 1867 - what I call the Ten Tumultuous Years - were transformational and there are traces of the Civil War financial turmoil that live on in our coins and currency, banking systems and private tokens today..."

And that is what our new book "Money, Mayhem and Might™" is all about. We have investigated just about everything from how the South hijacked three of the five US Mints, and all of the Custom Houses down South as well, to how a Pennsylvania preacher who thought our coins were too "pagan", brought about the phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST", and about politicians who outlawed the use of any likeness of any living person on our money...

Oh, and we wondered about all the tales of missing treasures and treasuries — from President Jefferson Davis's end-of-the-war escape with confederate cash, to the raising of the S.S. Republic with a boatload of New Orleans silver and gold in 2003, after 138 years on the ocean floor near Savannah. And what about the 54 million dollars in gold allegedly lost by the Union soldiers in 1863 north of Gettysburg — some speculate that intercepting that secret wagon train could be part of General Lee's reason for invading Pennsylvania...


Where We Have Been:

2018 was our inaugural year of researching and piloting the concept of how the Civil War Changed our Money and how Money Changed the War.

Through a non-profit historical educational organization, we produced the "No Small Change" series, and presented programs for historical societies and the public, and had tables at coin shows in Hagerstown, MD and Harrisburg, PA.

Our free "No Small Change" programs were presented in libraries in Washington County, Maryland (Boonsboro, Hancock, Smithsburg and Williamsport), in West Virginia (Shepherdstown and Harpers Ferry) and Pennsylvania (Hyndman).

Our Photo Gallery  will be updated regularly.

Thanks to all our hosts, who donated space and tables, our sponsors, donors, and especially local providers of foods and beverages, and — to those who came to listen to our talks and provided us with great questions and feedback!