Great News, Dear Readers

Becky and I are now taking our first orders for "Money, Mayhem and Might". At long last, the book is shaping up and taking its final form.

Over the course of the last few months, we've been unearthing many new stories and have been connecting people and places, and causes and effects, that have shaped our money — all because of the events surrounding the U.S. Civil War and its aftermath.

We have been out on the road in the past spring and fall, sharing stories about coins and currency, and money and mayhem, to various groups in the mid-Atlantic area — mostly at large coin shows — and we've been meeting folks of all ages who have a real curiosity about the connections between the War of the Rebellion, and the legacy of how the Civil War is reflected in our wallets and pocket-change today.

We're shooting to have "Money, Mayhem and Might" ready and on the street by the last week of May 2020!

Book Money Mayhem Might

Confederate currency shown above is part of the collection of the Washington County (MD) Historical Society.  (©2019 Talisman & Coiner Productions, LLC)


General William T. Sherman

War is also as expensive as hell, and in this tumultuous era (1860s & 1870s) the landscape of our money and our banking system was literally transfigured by the exigencies of the War of the Rebellion. Some of the changes were quite sudden;

All of the coins pictured, both foreign and domestic, were found in the mid-Atlantic region by a dedicated metal detectorist. These remarkable coins, many of them gold and silver, were in daily circulation in America before the Civil War.

On the Road - Again...

It looks like we'll be in Pennsylvania for two dynamic coin shows in September. The first is the GETTYSBURG COIN SHOW , September 13th and 14th, and the second is at the new and improved HARRISBURG COIN SHOW, in late September which is for two days, instead of one. We are planning to have our book there, ready to sign and sell! Click on the above links (highlighted in red) to get more exciting information regarding the two shows noted. IF YOU CAN SWING BY...JOIN US!

most were due to the National Bank Act and related legislation which were, at the time, were considered as "war-time measures". The "greenbacks" (paper money) that we carry today, started in the Civil War; the legend "in God We Trust" appeared in 1864; our national banking system swept in during the Civil War. There are tales and stories of men and women who shaped the US Treasury and ran the Mints (North and South), of rare forgotten coins, of rumors of lost wealth following the War; and many other upheavals that took place in one explosive era that led up to, and followed the US Civil War.

This handsome 1861-O (minted in New Orleans) half dollar was produced just as the War was underway. The U.S. Mint in the Big Easy was seized first by the State of Louisiana, and then "taken in trust" by the Confederates in the first few months of 1861. For a short period of roughly four months, the 1861-O half dollar was minted by the U.S. Government, then by Louisiana, and finally by the Confederate States of America. The New Orleans Mint was then closed until 1879.

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